Choosing an Acton Academy for your child’s education is exciting and fulfilling, especially at first. But what happens as your child enters this brand new learning environment and comes across academic and social challenges?

In this blog, Liberty Leadership, your Acton Academy in Bel Air, will discuss tips for parents who want their child to get the most out of their experience at an Acton Academy. With these tips, you’ll worry less, be well-informed, and help your child find their calling and change the world.

Provide consistent support and encouragement.

Whether your child is thriving or struggling during their time in school, it’s important to be a consistent presence for them. If your child works hard and succeeds, celebrate that success! Providing consistent support for your child in the good times will help them work harder and fuel their passion for learning!

Conversely, it’s important to be consistent with boundaries and rules as well. At any Acton Academy, Guides create boundaries that are clear and agreed upon by students. If someone crosses a boundary or fails to meet basic expectations of kindness and politeness, they face clear consequences.

The same principles should apply to your child at home. Consistency and clear expectations will make handing out a consequences a less emotional and combative experience. Your child should know what is expected of them — and more often than not, they’ll exceed those expectations!

Don’t worry too much about the mishaps.

There will certainly be hard times during your child’s educational journey. That’s normal — it’s part of the Hero’s Journey! Failing and struggling is an important aspect of learning; it’s your reaction to the failures and struggles that makes the biggest impact.

Have a calm, comforting, and encouraging demeanor while your child goes through educational hardships — even if you’re feeling concerned. It will help them recover faster, work through challenges, gain confidence, and grow academically and socially.

If you’re worried about your child’s academic journey, just remember — with your good attitude and the help of an experienced Acton Academy guide, your child will eventually learn, grow, and succeed on their Hero’s Journey.

Be confident in your child.

Your child is capable of changing the world. Do you believe it, too? Having confidence in your child is crucial for helping them reach their full potential — it’s as easy as letting them try new things, experiment, fail, and experience success all on their own. It’s also about giving them responsibilities and trusting them with important tasks.

If every child is destined to be a hero, that means they’re destined to be a hero inside and outside of the classroom. They can do whatever they set their mind to. Once you bring this mindset into your home, you’ll see your child blossom in all aspects of life!

Reach out to other Acton Academy parents.

As a parent, it’s easy to feel like you are going through it alone — but that isn’t the case. Other parents in your community (and at your child’s school) have faced similar challenges and hardships as they seek to give each of their kids an enriching educational experience. Every single parent has watched their child struggle from time to time, and they’ve come up with clever solutions to help their child get back on track.

If you’re a new parent to the Acton Academy, consider meeting and reaching out to more seasoned parents in the community. They’ll help you understand the hidden benefits of choosing an Acton Academy, provide you with resources that can help your child grow and expand their knowledge, and they’ll give you peace of mind when they say “I’ve been in the exact same situation.” Having a support system will help you as a parent — and that means it will help your child, too!

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