The term “independent learning” doesn’t make a lot of sense to some. After all, don’t we need teachers to learn? Not necessarily.

Independent learning is a method of learning that helps children take ownership and find passion in their educational experience. In this blog, Liberty Leadership will help you understand the importance of independent learning. Our Acton Academy in Bel Air is based upon self-guided learning principles — learn more by scheduling a school tour!

What is independent learning?

Contrary to popular belief, independent learning is not a system where students are allowed to do whatever they want. It’s actually quite structured. In many classrooms, independent learning gives learn a personalized touch, allows students to guides the discussion, and creates a sense of ownership and investment among students. The more of a stay students get in the learning process, the more initiative they will take and the more they will learn.

Why is independent learning important?


Independent learners are forced to ask and answer their own questions about the world around them — and that makes them intrinsically curious over time. These learners take a proactive approach to finding information and making connections, and that usually leads them to be more passionate learners throughout their time in school and in adult life.


Independent learners are intrinsically motivated to learn — they find joy and a sense of achievement in their quest for knowledge. Self-motivated learners don’t need any sort of tangible reward for finishing a reading assignment or a project — the satisfaction comes from the learning process.


Accountability isn’t just about holding yourself responsible when you do something you shouldn’t. It’s about getting important tasks done without anyone telling you to get them done. Independent learners don’t anyone to provide them with discipline or motivation — they accept consequences and responsibility for their actions.

Critical Thinking

Because independent learners are proactive and engaged, they’re much more likely to be critical thinkers. These learners discover a wealth of possibilities by examining a situation from all angles, which is why independent learners are great problem-solvers, creative minds, and high-level decision-makers in adult life.  

Perseverance & Persistence

Independent learners find satisfaction in solving problems on their own. That means they’ll work as long as they can (and as hard as possible) to answer a question or solve a problem before they ask for help. More often than not, independent learners will only ask for help after multiple failed attempts to solve problems themselves. This grit and determination helps independent learners achieving learning permanence faster, and gives them a higher level of confidence in their cognitive skills because they know they can use their knowledge and skills to tackle problems.

Helping Your Child Be An Independent Learner

As a parent, it can be difficult to hold back when you want to tell your child the right answer or help them solve a problem. It can be even harder to watch your child make a decision that will certainly have negative consequences for them. As parents, we’ve been there.

But letting your child figure things out for themselves only strengthens their resolve, improves their cognitive abilities, and makes them more responsible and capable in the real world. You’re doing them a great service by giving them the tools and resources to succeed, then letting them learn, fail repeatedly, learn from their failures, and ultimately succeed on their own.

Tour Our Acton Academy in Bel Air

Independent learning strategies can improve your child’s cognitive abilities and love for learning — and it all starts with a school that believes in self-guided learning and student ownership of education.

Liberty Leadership in Bel Air is led by “guides” that usher students through learning experiences while they take full control, collaborate with their peers, independently solve problems, and use creativity and critical thinking skills. Students and Liberty are excited to learn, grow, and embark on the Hero’s Journey to reach their fullest potential inside and outside the classroom. If you’re interested in enrolling your child at Liberty, all you have to do is schedule a tour — we’d be happy to meet you and your child to see if our school would be a good fit!